edie marr

Wicked Fem

Wicked Fem is a super-sexy feel-good British rom com - featuring two amazing unforgettable women falling hopelessly in love.

Slowly, watching my face, she lifts her hands up and I notice those perfect red ovals of her fingernails. She does something behind her head and her hair falls out of the beehive do and bounces down around her face like a big dark cloud, and the effect of this is to reanimate my already lifeless corpse and then instantly kill me dead again, because she just got more beautiful and it really defies all the laws of the universe that something like that could have happened.

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This was so fucking amazing!!! The build up was amazing and the characters were so well written.

I loovvvvveedddd this. Wowowowowowowowowowowowowowowow. Marvellous, just marvellous.

I really enjoy the way you describe in detail things that I experience but never read about. The discomfort of being a queer person around straight male doms in kink spaces, for example. But also the rush of being told what to do, the overthinking, the successful stopping of the overthinking.

I shouldn't have read this so early in the day, because now it'll be in my thoughts all day...


Be careful what you wish for...

Sleeping with your boss is all very well until you get dumped and fired in one pithy sentence.

Kat knew getting involved with Stella Steel was playing a dangerous game. And when it all comes tumbling down Kat finds herself drunk, miserable and alone. A mysterious encounter with an enigmatic woman provides Kat with an opportunity to wish Stella a run of terrible luck.

And when Stella Steel suffers a run of back luck fortunes go from bad too worse, Kat has to ask - did she curse her ex?

And if so, what should she do about it?